The leadership of St. Paul’s is comprised of co-pastors David & Karen Troxler, associate pastor Jeremy Stanford, youth leaders Paul & Gina Leary, and office administrator, Ashley Stanford. Also comprising leadership are several laypersons & board members elected at our church’s annual meeting.  While the face of ministry leadership are pictured above, the work of the church is carried out through the laypersons that serve week in and week out throughout the year.

We have many people involved in other capacities, leading ministries, small groups, outreach, maintenance (the list goes on), we are grateful for and blessed by their constant efforts and dutiful service, ever helping to make the collective wheel turn. 



Karen Troxler / Co-pastor

Karen was ordained in 2009. She and her husband have served St. Paul’s together since February, 2006. Initially, Karen served as an Associate Pastor, serving in administration, however her call to Christian pastoral ministry began over ten years ago after serving as a pastor’s wife. Karen’s desire to preach and teach was birthed in God’s call on her life. Hesitant at first, she trusted God and completed her training through Northwest Nazarene University. Currently, Karen is a member of the New England District Board of Ministry for the Church of the Nazarene and is the Chairperson for the Board for the South Shore Region of the New England District.

Dave Troxler / co-pastor

David began pastoring in Maine in 1986 after two years in youth ministry. Now, for the past ten years, he has served St. Paul’s, initially as Lead Pastor, and now side by side as co-Pastor with Karen. David was ordained in 1990 after receiving a B.A. degree from Eastern Nazarene College and later, his M.A. in Spiritual Formation from Northwest Nazarene University. Currently, David is the President of the Duxbury Interfaith Council, serving the various faith communities of our town by providing spiritual and material assistance cooperatively for those in need locally. Together, David and Karen are the parents of two adult children – a daughter Sarah, who teaches piano at the South Shore Conservatory in Duxbury and serves as Worship Minister at North Street Church in Hingham; and a son Timothy, a software engineer who lives in Syracuse, NY with his wife Megan, who is the Associate Pastor of Christ Community Church there. This summer Tim and Megan expect the arrival of their firstborn – Dave & Karen's first grandchild!

Jeremy Stanford / Associate Pastor



Paul serves us as both the Worship leader and Youth Ministries leader. He has been helping with the teens since early 2014, and after prayerful consideration, has recently taken on the role of Worship Leader for the church. He comes to us from Gordon College, where he majored in Finance (class of '15), and works at Brown Brothers Harriman in Boston as an Account Manager. 


Gina grew up in the neighboring town of Marshfield, and has attended St. Paul's for 10+ years. She and her husband Paul have led all youth events, fundraisers, and outreach projects since 2014, and they love working with all the wonderful teens from our church and beyond. She recently graduated from Eastern Nazarene College ('15) with a degree in Elementary Education and Liberal Arts, and now works as a 5th grade teacher at South Shore Christian Academy, her alma mater. 



Ashley Stanford / Office Administrator